Bloody House (2016)

Rates : 17

Nonton Film Semi – Early Republic of China, Su Chengzhi (Sci – decorated) with his new wife and five brothers and sisters back home with the door division play old house, a former entertainment pen cents game will be clear to everyone caught in the midst of a terrorist crisis. Su mother bear secret (Li Yan ice ornaments), dark sorrows born brother and sister division, the mysterious dumb Rangers, the sudden murder, one after another spate of strange. It was bizarre division siblings have died, the murderer like a shadow possessed among the crowd. Mysterious blood of dead appear deep in the mountains, old house in the supernatural past is gradually revealed, the last survivor of a chance to seize an attempt to escape from the old house. A sudden rainstorm survivors dying in the mountains among the old house, when life and death desperate, dusty old house in twenty years the secret is finally revealed.

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